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Indulge in the extraordinary as we unveil a collection of rare sake styles that epitomize the artistry and passion of Japanese brewing. From the exquisite smoothness of Daiginjo to the captivating complexity of aged Kimoto, each bottle tells a story of tradition pushed to its limits. Join us in celebrating these exceptional brews, where every sip is an invitation to experience the true essence of sake craftsmanship.

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Immerse yourself in the world of sake as we guide you through a handpicked selection of breweries, each exuding its own exceptional essence. From the timeless traditions upheld by family-run establishments to the avant-garde creativity of modern producers, every sip encapsulates a unique narrative. Discover the artistry, passion, and regional influences that converge to shape the distinct character of every sake, offering you a taste of Japan’s cultural and culinary diversity like never before.

Takagi Shuzo

The Takagi Brewery has been located in the city of Akaoka since the Edo era. Its founder, Kiemon Takagi, was first mentioned in 1878 in a stamp register. Akaoka was initially a salt marsh fed by a rich sea, leading to the development of a salt market and the opening of a salt road. The family, originally specialized in sericulture and rice trading, started large-scale sake brewing. in 1884. From 1998,the brewery started to produce sake made from 100% of ingredients from Kochi and to create a variety of rice adapted to sake brewing, “gin no ume”. To this day, Takagi Brewery’s traditions are perpetuated by the 6th generation. The water used by the brewery to produce sake comes from a groundwater source fed by the Monobe River. The rice used is sake rice from Kochi and the brewery uses 10 different yeasts created in Kochi prefecture since 1987, including a yeast that gives sake melon and banana aroma and a yeast that gives an apple aroma. Takagi Brewery’s sakes are reputed for their freshness and being easy to enjoy. They can perfectly accompany meals and won several competitions such as the National New Sake Appraisal and more recently, in 2020, received the platinum medal of the London Sake Challenge. The brewery strives to highlight local products and offer a local, homemade and refined sake, expressing the uniqueness of the region while blending the sake into the gastronomical heritage of the region. Thanks to exchanges and cooperations rooted in the brewery culture (tournaments, festivals) the Takagi Brewery wishes to revive the region suffering from population shrinking.




“If we make good sake, people will support it.” That’s been our motto since Kokuryu was founded in 1804 in the mountains of Fukui. It’s an ancient land, nestled between snowy peaks and the Sea of Japan, not far from the main Soto Zen temple Eihei-ji. From a long tradition of sake brewing, Kokuryu today stands as one of the region’s few survivors. We grow our own rice. We seek out special yeasts. And we strive for the best in brewing and maturation, hand-crafting only the highest-caliber sakes in small batches.

Shimizu Seizabro Shoten

Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, the home to our brewery, has long been known as Umasake Suzuka no Kuni, ‘Suzuka, the land of good sake’. The first recorded mention of this metonym is in the ancient book ‘The Record of the Times of Yamato-hime-no-mikoto’, the story of the then princess Yamato-hime-no-mikoto. The book describes her travels to find a fitting place to enshrine the sun goddess Amaterasu. Upon finding the site, where the Grand Ise Shrine still stands today, the princess declared “I hail from Suzuka, the land of umasake”. And so it was that Suzuka became associated with ‘good sake’.


Morohashi Shuzo

The brewery of Morohashi Sake Brewery is located in the Tochio Basin between the Uonuma Hills and the Echigo Mountains in the eastern part of Nagaoka City. It is now Nagaoka City, but was called Tochio City before the merger.

Speaking of Tochio, it is the place where Kenshin Uesugi, a famous general from Echigo, spent his youth. After Kenshin called himself “Nagao Kagetora” at the time, the famous sake “Koshino Kagetora” was born.

“Kagetora was born in the 1969 Taiga drama Ten to Chi and, and thanks to the 2009 Tenchijin, it became a hot topic. I didn’t.”

Mr. Maki Morohashi, who succeeded his predecessor, Mr. Hiroo Morohashi, who passed away suddenly, and became the seventh generation brewery in 2016, spoke.

“My father, the predecessor, always told me to make sake that fits my standing. That is to make good sake on a scale that you can see without changing the taste that is loved.


Kiyasho Brewery was founded in the first year of Bunsei (1818) in Nabari city, Mie Prefecture by the 1st generation Shohachi Onishi. The brewery is registered as a Tangible Cultural Property by the government because of its historical value. Currently 6th generation and the head of the brewery, Tadayoshi Onishi leads the company. The Jikon brand was released in 2005 and immediately got the attention from sake journalists and fine wine lovers. Kiyasho’s driving goals are continually producing high quality sake, never resting on their laurels and aiming to develop finer and finer sake.

Hiroki is one of the sake brands credited with igniting a boom in the market for small-batch craft brews from local breweries. But the tiny brewery in Fukushima Prefecture that produces the brand was once on the verge of closing down. Today, it has been dramatically reborn as a producer of microbrews that are sought out by aficionados around the country.


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Our passion for Japan's rich heritage and cultural significance drives us to meticulously handpick and present to you the absolute best it has to offer. Embark on this immersive experience with us as we showcase the essence of Japan's beauty, artistry, and traditions, all thoughtfully curated to enrich your exploration and appreciation of this extraordinary land. Prepare to be inspired, amazed, and enchanted as we unlock the secrets and allure of Curated Treasures of Japan. Let the journey begin!

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