The name ‘Zaku’ – from the character 作 meaning ‘make’ or ‘create’ – was chosen to convey the notion that the true value of sake is to be created together with the customer


The Zaku range offers a wide variety of styles, employing several different yeasts and methods of production. What unites all Zaku sake, however, is their mellow flavour balanced by crisp, clean finish – always underpinned by a refined sense of clarity. 
Nevertheless, we believe that the true value of sake lies not merely in how it tastes, but in the actions of all those who make it, sell it, serve it, and ultimately those who enjoy it.

Zaku Satori

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Zaku Daichi

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Indulge in the extraordinary as we unveil a collection of rare sake styles that epitomize the artistry and passion of Japanese brewing. From the exquisite smoothness of Daiginjo to the captivating complexity of aged Kimoto, each bottle tells a story of tradition pushed to its limits. Join us in celebrating these exceptional brews, where every sip is an invitation to experience the true essence of sake craftsmanship.

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Our passion for Japan's rich heritage and cultural significance drives us to meticulously handpick and present to you the absolute best it has to offer. Embark on this immersive experience with us as we showcase the essence of Japan's beauty, artistry, and traditions, all thoughtfully curated to enrich your exploration and appreciation of this extraordinary land. Prepare to be inspired, amazed, and enchanted as we unlock the secrets and allure of Curated Treasures of Japan. Let the journey begin!

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